Learn Indonesian. Discover Its Hidden Treasures

Many people have long recognised the importance of the Bahasa Indonesia language and there are many reasons why you may also want to learn the language.

Learning through play is the main focus of our Bahasa Indonesia programme for children. Our curriculum is specially designed to allow children to develop communication and language skills through interaction with teachers and friends.

In our playgroup, your children will learn how to express and communicate in Bahasa Indonesia. Our programme will also allow them to engage in active social interactions in a safe learning environment.

Is Bahasa Indonesia your chosen language for INSEAD entry or exit language requirements, or are you taking it as a third language in school?

At Agape School of Education, we provide full programmes in accordance to the local Ministry of Education syllabus. Our experienced teachers will guide you through your journey of success.

Indonesia’s booming economy has made it one of the most attractive markets in Asia. It is also the biggest economy in the ASEAN region.

At Agape School of Education, we provide professional courses to enable you to be able to speak and write Bahasa Indonesia at the business level. We also provide courses on Indonesia's business culture and etiquette that may differ from Western business practices. Contact us now to find out how we can custom courses to fit your every need!

When you speak Bahasa Indonesia, you are able to learn about the people and friends around you. Knowing the language will also help you to understand and appreciate Indonesian culture.

At Agape School of Education, not only are you going to learn the language, but you can also get a better comprehension of the rich diversity and culture across the Indonesian archipelago. Whatever your goal, Agape School can provide courses tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Contact us today!

Indonesia is a very beautiful country and a unique destination, famous for its enchanting islands, ancient temples, and gracious people. It is a vast archipelago, consisting of 17,500 islands situated between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean in Southeast Asia.

At Agape School of Education, our course prepares you to interact with Indonesians, communicate when visiting places of interest and make a purchase. Bargaining will be a breeze as you will be able to negotiate a ‘local’ price as opposed to a ‘foreigners’ price. If you have a specific goal in mind, contact us to enquire about a specially tailored course!

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Adult Classes
Courses offered cover all areas of Bahasa Indonesia in optimal conditions (small groups of 4–8 students). Each student will enjoy personalised guidance, focusing on conversations or a specific course programme.
Playgroup (3-5 y.o.)
The course focuses on language skill development and daily conversational practice by allowing students the opportunity to use and test their newly acquired skills with their peers.
Secondary School and JC
This programme prepares students who are sitting for their Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level and A-Level examinations. The course is tailored based on the syllabus issued by the national exams body, so students can succeed in their goals.
Customised Classes
For individuals or organisations looking for tailor-made courses, we have teachers and programmes that meet your specific needs. The customised programmes are available for groups and individuals either at your own premises or at our school campus. Please contact Agape School of Education to discuss your requirements.
Our school not only offers Bahasa Indonesia language but also a holistic understanding of Indonesia’s culture and characteristics. Through our tailored programmes, students will learn about the diversity of culture and beliefs that are present in Indonesia, together with the language. The testimonies received validate our success in managing the courses.
Our teachers include native speakers and those who have lived many years in Indonesia. They major in various fields and backgrounds apart from the Indonesian language. Our teachers are specially trained to meet students’ language needs and requirements.

At the Indonesian Desk of Agape School of Education, you would have the opportunities to learn the Indonesian language and culture through the various Bahasa Indonesia language programs, as well as receive all assistance and enquiries that you might have regarding the Indonesian language and culture.

Send your enquiries to [email protected] so that we could provide you with more information on our Indonesian language courses.

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