Customised Classes

Bahasa Indonesia classes tailored to suit your needs at affordable rates.

Our ­­­Indonesian language courses can be modified in any way to suit your specific need. Be it corporate or individual courses, Agape School of Education offers tailored courses for every business or academic need!

Beyond ­­­Bahasa Indonesia for business, learning to speak another language can help break down barriers in daily life, and on holiday or vacation. When you visit another country and meet its people, the ability to speak their language could mean the difference between an enjoyable, stress-free trip and one that is fraught with obstacles. Perhaps the most striking difference you’ll recognise is that you’ll feel comfortable in new environment. Everything may seem unfamiliar, but you’ll be able to navigate your way around easily.

Similarly, even a basic knowledge of the language can make a big difference in your close relationships with family, friends, relatives and neighbours who speak a different language. When you can communicate well and understand their culture, you can forge a genuine relationship.

Agape School of Education can also support you to enter INSEAD’s prestigious MBA programme with a second language in Bahasa Indonesia.

INSEAD Entry and Exit Language Requirements

To be admitted to INSEAD’s prestigious MBA Programme, a candidate must be fluent in English and have at least a practical level of knowledge of a second language. These conditions are referred to as the ‘entry languages’. A candidate must also have at least a basic level of understanding of a third language, referred to as the ‘exit language’. To be eligible for graduation, students must demonstrate and if necessary, acquire before or during the programme, at least a basic level of knowledge in a commercially useful language, which is the official language of a country other than one’s native or entry language.

If you are seeking a quick and effective ­­­­Bahasa Indonesia language course for any need, contact Agape School of Education to enquire about a customised class just for you.